For over 100 years, Honeywell has been one of the leading developers of consumer products, engineering services, and aerospace systems in the world. The company develops solutions across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, retail, and supply chain sectors. 

Many know Honeywell for its high-quality security products. The company develops a wide array of wireless devices for commercial and private use. Honeywell’s 5800 Sensor Series, specifically, has become one of the leading product lines for automating building security through the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Honeywell 5800 Series includes various types of sensors, including those that monitor air quality, temperature, and proximity. Surveillance teams can find cost-effective Honeywell sensors for nearly any security and safety application. On top of that, facility managers can now integrate Honeywell sensors to low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) standards, such as LoRaWAN®, with the right equipment. 

At Radio Bridge, a MultiTech brand, we design and manufacture wireless products for the IoT, including bridges built specifically for Honeywell wireless sensor products. As a result, companies can connect any Honeywell Series 5800 devices to their LoRaWAN networks. 

Here, we highlight multiple Honeywell sensor use cases to give you a sense of how you could integrate those low cost, off-the-shelf products into your LoRaWAN network with Radio Bridge. 

Using Honeywell Sensors in the Real World

Honeywell’s reliable 5800 Series sensors are simple to program and highly effective.

The product line features many devices built to monitor different types of environmental conditions and variables. With a wireless bridge, these sensors can form the backbone of powerful IoT applications that span wide geographic areas.

For example, Honeywell’s wireless smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors can be deployed throughout large buildings or facilities and configured to alert remote personnel of abnormal air conditions. Facility leads can trust these sensors to catch fires or gas leaks early and transmit messages to the right emergency service providers. The 5800COMBO is one of Honeywell’s most powerful all-in-one detectors that has a 10-year lifespan. 

With a wireless bridge, companies can connect hundreds of air quality sensors to LoRaWAN and create energy-efficient IoT networks with ease. 

Honeywell also sells several types of proximity and motion sensors. These devices can monitor opening and closing events, as well as movement throughout certain areas. Honeywell’s Mini Recessed Door Sensor is a subtle dry contact device that uses magnets to determine if doors or windows are closed.

Operators can install these devices at vulnerable ground-level openings or internal doorways that protect important assets. Rather than monitor areas manually, Honeywell’s proximity sensors allow surveillance teams to automate observation and relocate security personnel for more complex tasks. 

Motion detectors are valuable for surveillance firms that manage multi-unit properties or oversee large residential areas. Home security companies can set Honeywell’s movement sensors to track motion in indoor and outdoor environments. The 5800PIR-COM sensor is particularly well-suited for commercial applications as the device has a long detection range, high sensitivity capabilities, and extreme temperature durability.

Honeywell also has wireless vibration sensors and inclinometers. Facility managers can place vibration sensors on glass windows to detect breaks as soon as they occur. Inclinometers are useful for monitoring garage overhead doors or basement tilt windows. 

Honeywell’s 5822T garage tilt sensor will indicate if zones are open or closed based on the orientation of the sensor. These devices work well in warehouses with bay doors that constantly open and close throughout the day. 

These are just a few examples of how Honeywell’s 5800 Series sensors can be put to use for commercial applications. Thanks to the versatility of the IoT, operators and facility managers can use combinations of these sensors to automate on-site surveillance and maximize building security without incurring high capital costs.


Connecting Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors to LoRaWAN

We’ve developed a wireless bridge specifically for Honeywell’s 5800 Series sensor line.

With our Honeywell 5800 to LoRaWAN Bridge product (currently in beta), you can translate any Honeywell sensor data into LoRaWAN payloads for processing. We developed a proprietary module that can decode Honeywell wireless sensor data so that any information collected can be interpreted by your end application.

Our Honeywell bridge can transmit data over several miles and penetrate through walls and floors. The product also comes with automated error reporting and tamper detection. 

Use our Honeywell bridge to design an efficient, wireless security system built with low-cost sensors. As an alternative to purchasing LPWAN-specific devices (which may or may not be available), connect your Honeywell sensors to our bridge, and set up a long-range wireless channel without making large up-front capital investments.

Find Your Sensor-to-Cloud Solution

Drive new revenue streams and efficiencies with actionable data using sensor-to-cloud solutions. Explore all of Radio Bridge’s sensor technology.

Install Honeywell proximity and dry contact sensors on every door, window, and garage in your warehouse and connect them all to your LPWAN. Configure your temperature and air sensors to alert you of environmental issues for years on a single charge. With our wireless bridge, support any Honeywell 5800 Series sensors that you need for your unique operations and services. 

Additionally, you can use our web-based console to configure how Honeywell sensors are deployed throughout your LoRaWAN network. Easily manage and provision hundreds of Honeywell devices simultaneously for your IoT application, whether it be in the industrial, smart building, or security sector. 

To get a pre-release sample of our Honeywell 5800 to LoRaWAN Bridge product, contact our sales team today

Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors:

  • 5800MINI – Wireless Door & Window Sensor
  • 5800MINIPK5 – 5 Slim Door / Window Contacts
  • 5800CO – Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • 5800COMBO – Smoke, Heat and CO Detector
  • 5800RPS – Wireless Recessed Door Sensor
  • 5800Micra – Wireless Recessed Window Sensor
  • 5800PIR – Wireless Motion Detector
  • 5800PIR-RES – Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector
  • 5800PIR-OD – Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector
  • 5800PIR-COM – Motion Detecting Wireless, Long-Range PIR Sensor
  • 5800SS1 – Wireless Shock Sensor
  • 5800RL – Wireless Relay Module
  • 5806W3 – Wireless Smoke Detector
  • 5808W3 – Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector
  • 5809SS – Wireless Fixed Temperature / ROR Heat Detector
  • 5815 – Wireless Aesthetic Door Sensor and Window Sensor
  • 5816 – Wireless Door Sensor and Window Sensor
  • 5816OD – Wireless Outdoor Sensor for Gates, Garages, & Doors
  • 5817XT – Three Zone Universal Transmitter
  • 5818MNL – Wireless Mini Recessed Door Sensor and Window Sensor
  • 5819S – Wireless Shock Sensor and Transmitter
  • 5820L – Wireless Slim Line Door Sensor and Window Sensor
  • 5822T – Wireless Garage Tilt Sensor
  • 5834-4 – Wireless 4 Button Security Key Fob
  • 5834-4EN – Wireless Enhanced 4 Button Security Key Fob
  • 5853 – Wireless Glass Break Detector
  • 5898 – Wireless Dual Tec Motion Detector