LoRaWAN Design Services

The team at Radio Bridge can help with your LoRaWAN-based IoT system design at any level. We have developed the electronics, RF circuitry, custom antennas, embedded firmware, mechanical enclosures, and web applications found on this site in-house, and can rapidly customize any of these products to fit your needs. In addition to custom wireless sensors, we can provide the full sensor-to-cloud solution for you through our LoRaWAN system design services, so all you worry about is the actionable data.

Custom Wireless Sensor Design

Custom LoRaWAN sensor design to ensure the endpoint fits your needs

LoRaWAN System Design

Full sensor-to-cloud system design built on LoRaWAN

IoT Data-as-a-Service

Reduce up-front capital costs and only pay for the data you need