LoRaWAN System Deisgn

Radio Bridge isn't limited to just sensors. We can help you design the entire sensor-to-cloud LoRaWAN system

Including sensors, gateways, network server, user application, and more. Our team has worked with all of the major vendors in these various areas, and can select the best options to meet your needs. We can also provide engineering design services for more advanced design work.

Example end-to-end systems that the Radio Bridge team has created include:

  • Temperature monitoring for refrigeration applications including cold chain monitoring
  • Building security including door/window monitoring, PIR motion, and panic buttons
  • Air quality monitoring for heat index and dangerous gases
  • Utility poles for tilt and temperature
  • Healthcare and senior facilities for security, safety, and emergencies
  • Water leak and pipe freeze for flood damage mitigation
  • Retail space monitoring for refrigeration, employee safety, warehouse efficiency, water leak, and customer call buttons
  • Valuable asset monitoring using movement sensors and air quality monitoring
  • Industrial monitoring including vibration analysis


Besides piecing together the various components of an LoRaWAN-based IoT system, development of a robust LoRaWAN system requires expert industry experience. New users often find that there are many subtleties of a LoRaWAN system that will cause reliability issues in the field if they are not addressed up front.


  • Do you use a cloud-based network server or a locally hosted network server at the edge?
  • Do you choose a free LoRaWAN network server or a managed network server?
  • Will the gateway act as a simple packet forwarder or does it need to perform any tasks at the edge?
  • How will you handle downlinks to reconfigure devices in the field?
  • How do you make the system scalable to thousands or tens of thousands of sensors at multiple locations?

These considerations are numerous, and Radio Bridge has worked through all of these over the years. By being early adopters of LoRaWAN technology and obtaining field testing time across all major gateway vendors, network servers, regional frequency bands, and other variables, we can ensure that the final system will be scalable, rugged, and reliable.

If you are only interested in seeing the final, actionable data from the system and don't want to invest in large capital expenditures up front for system components, see our IoT Data-As-A-Service offering.

Pricing and Next Steps

For LoRaWAN system design services, contact our sales team to discuss your requirements
and receive a custom quote. Fill out our online form or email us at: sales@radiobridge.com

If you are just looking to have us set up and configure the various system components, see the
Jumpstart Package in our standard price guide