IoT Data-as-a-Service

If your business simply needs to collect actionable data and does not want to invest in the development of the IoT infrastructure, Radio Bridge can provide you the data you need as a service. In this case, Radio Bridge would work with you to determine your high level requirements for data collection, monitoring, and ultimate business case for IoT. From there, we design the system to meet your requirements and deploy the system at your business with no up front capital costs.

You would then just pay a monitoring fee, and essentially pay for the service through the added efficiencies brought to your business.

Example end-to-end systems that Radio Bridge can provide for your business on a service-based model:

  • Temperature monitoring for refrigeration applications including cold chain monitoring
  • Building security including door/window monitoring, PIR motion, and panic buttons
  • Air quality monitoring for heat index and dangerous gases
  • Utility poles for tilt and temperature
  • Healthcare and senior facilities for security, safety, and emergencies
  • Water leak and pipe freeze for flood damage mitigation
  • Retail space monitoring for refrigeration, employee safety, warehouse efficiency, water leak, and customer call buttons
  • Valuable asset monitoring using movement sensors and air quality monitoring
  • Industrial monitoring including vibration analysis



We are still in the early days of IoT, and although most businesses realize they can gain major efficiencies through data collection and monitoring, many businesses are holding back because of the investment in time and upfront capital expenditure. What if you don't gain the efficiencies and savings you expect, then what?

The IoT Data-as-a-Service program from Radio Bridge will shift potentially risky capital expenditures to operating expenditures that are paid over time as the service collects data and presents your business with actionable information. If the return on investment on a month-over-month or year-over-year basis is not realized, there is no obligation to continue. The service can be cancelled and equipment returned. This allows companies to experiment with various optimizations and ensure that system increases overall profitability.



Full monitoring services are developed on a case-by-case basis. Contact our sales team to discuss your needs and to receive a custom quote. Fill out our online form or email us at:

Custom Wireless Sensor Design
Custom LoRaWAN sensor design services to ensure the endpoint fits your needs
LoRaWAN System Design
Full sensor-to-cloud system design built on LoRaWAN

Questions for New IoT Designs


Is this a high-volume application with minimal component costs and cloud management / network fees or low volume with minimal design costs?


Are the devices battery powered and how long should they last without servicing?


Is the end user a typical consumer or only individuals with technical experience? Who is provisioning the devices and setting up the network?


Will there be millions of these devices connecting to the cloud or just hundreds?


What are we securing against and what level of security will be required? Are there industry driven security requirements?


What are the deadlines to bring this to market and are there make-vs-buy tradeoffs that can be made to get it to market faster?


Which compliance and safety certifications will be required for this product including coexistence of multiple wireless components?


What are the size, shape, and other physical requirements of the system? How does the enclosure affect the antenna?