Sigfox wireless sensors talk directly to the Sigfox towers with no additional wiring or infrastructure.


Sigfox sensors talk directly to the Sigfox towers much like your cell phone talks directly to the cellular towers. The only difference is that Sigfox isn’t for cell phones, it’s for really simple devices like sensors.

The amount of information a sensor sends is very small which means access to this network is extremely cheap. If you buy a Sigfox sensor from Radio Bridge, you can buy bundled data plans which can be less than a dollar per month per sensor. Also, the batteries last for years meaning you probably won’t ever have to touch it again once it’s in place.

You can log into our web based console to monitor your sensors and set up alerts if desired. We make it super easy, just plug and play.



Log into the Radio Bridge console to monitor and configure sensors. Set up alerts via email, SMS text message, or an API into your own server.

Sigfox Network

Radio Bridge provides connectivity to the Sigfox network with plans below $1/month.


Sigfox sensors from Radio Bridge drop into place with no gateways or wiring required.