Monitoring Solutions

Complete sensor-to-cloud monitoring solutions.


Radio Bridge offers complete monitoring solutions, pre-configured from the factory and requiring little or no setup. Solutions include wireless sensors, a gateway for Internet connectivity, and a web-based dashboard for managing the data. With a complete solution, you don't need to understand any of the technology "under the hood", and all you receive is ACTIONABLE INFORMATION.

Examples of actionable information may include things like:
  • The temperature in a specific refrigeration unit has exceeded FDA requirements
  • A specific piece of heavy equipment has a bearing fault
  • A hand sanitizer dispenser needs to be refilled
  • And many other options depending on your specific needs

In each case, the sensors, gateway, and cloud application are set up before they ship, and you simply drop them into place. Radio Bridge software contains all of the necessary intelligence for interpreting the data, and provides a user interface so you can start receiving useful information on day one.

Customers and End Users

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Complete Monitoring Solutions Available

Vibration Analysis

The vibration analysis and condition monitoring solution from Radio Bridge provides advanced predictive maintenance capabilities for rotating machines and other equipment. Continuous 24/7 monitoring of your assets will detect early signs of wear and warn you before a failure occurs, saving you downtime and expensive repairs.

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Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring

The commercial refrigeration monitoring solution from Radio Bridge provides continuous 24/7 monitoring of your refrigeration assets and will alert you if temperature ranges begin to exceed or fall below levels required for compliance. Monitoring may also include power consumption, door open/close, vibration, and other key indicators as needed.

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Payment Options for Solutions

Hardware Purchase

  • Classified as a capital expenditure
  • Hardware is owned by the customer and covered under the standard warranty
  • Larger upfront cost, lower monthly cost

No Hardware Purchase

  • Classified as an operating expenditure
  • Defective equipment is fixed or replaced as long as contract is active
  • No upfront capital costs, better for short term cash

Learn More About Wireless Sensor Solutions

Wireless Sensor Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) wireless sensors are crucial components of many industries, helping users monitor and detect any irregular stimuli in the workplace, such as temperature change, movement, and leakage. However, not everyone knows how to interpret and respond to wireless sensor data. With complete IoT solutions, you can gain actionable insights regarding device functionality, performance, and maintenance so you can cut costs and increase operational efficiency. Wireless sensor solutions are optimized to serve various commercial and industrial applications, helping organizations from these fields ensure safety and productivity in the workplace.At Radio Bridge, we design and develop high-quality Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) solutions suitable for practically any industry. We provide our customers with long-range, power-saving IoT sensors and the solutions needed to translate the data to useful, actionable insights. 

What Are IoT Wireless Sensor Solutions?

Wireless sensors are IoT-enabled tools that monitor and collect sensory data from their surroundings, including environmental changes such as the heat index, water levels, and air quality. IoT solutions are devices that measure and interpret this data, providing remote reports, predictive maintenance information, and analytics to users. They deliver constant communication to help individuals take action and improve overall productivity and savings in their fields.

How Do IoT Solutions Work?

Wireless sensor solutions conduct data analytics starting at the source, the sensor. This is where the solution gathers data and transports it to gateways, which then relay the information to a cloud-based application that performs the advanced analysis and data representation to the end user. 


When you purchase LoRaWAN solutions from Radio Bridge, you'll enjoy the many advantages of data analytics and real-time monitoring for all your IoT wireless sensors. Our low-cost, high-efficiency solutions are perfect for any industry and serve many applications, from temperature sensing and compliance of commercial refrigeration systems to vibration analysis for preventive maintenance alerts.

Benefits of Wireless Sensor Solutions

If your company owns an IoT sensor, you can optimize overall productivity with wireless sensor solutions. Sensors come with many unique advantages that help organizations across countless industries improve the way they do business. Some of these benefits include:

  • Easy installation. IoT solutions are conveniently simple to install — all you have to do is place the sensor nodes on the devices you wish to monitor.
  • Durability. These solutions can operate in even the harshest environments, making them perfect for industrial settings such as steel mills and warehouses.
  • Error detection. Wireless sensor solutions can detect and report any irregular patterns or system errors that occur within industrial equipment, prompting users to address and correct them immediately. Error detection ultimately helps businesses prevent potential mechanical failures.
  • Efficiency enhancement. When businesses can constantly monitor and minimize equipment errors, they can better ensure all systems are efficient and in working order.
  • Downtime minimization. Data analytics solutions provide users with the information they need to detect early signs of wear and tear before any damage occurs, ultimately reducing downtime
  • Equipment maintenance. Preventive maintenance reports from IoT solutions help companies better determine when their equipment should be maintained, preventing potential breakdowns or malfunctions
  • Cost savings. Due to the fact that sensor solutions alert users of glitches and system errors before expensive repairs are needed, they help companies save money in the long run.

IoT Solution Applications

With wireless sensors becoming more prominent across commercial and industrial settings, companies are starting to implement data analytics from IoT solutions into their practices as well. Here are just a few of the many industries that use sensor solutions:

  • Health care
  • Retail
  • Food and beverage
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Industrial
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Art
  • Agriculture
  • Restaurants and hospitality

Advantages of LoRaWAN Technology for Sensor Solutions

LoRaWAN specifications work particularly well with wireless sensor solutions. LoRaWAN is a network layer specification that IoT sensors use on top of Long Range (LoRa) networks — standards that efficiently transmit sensors across long distances and through noisy environments. LoRaWAN technology allows IoT devices to access local networks and connect to the Internet through gateways, managing these connections using a network server.

When you use LoRaWAN solutions in your field, you will experience the many benefits of this high-performing standard:

Wide coverage range: LoRaWAN devices reachacross long distances, providing optimal sensor connectivity.

Easy deployment: LoRaWAN features a simple architecture that makes it easy to deploy.

Long battery life: LoRaWAN technology has a prolonged battery life due to its low power consumption. Typically, these batteries can endure years of use without needing a battery change or charge.

Low bandwidth: Applications requiring low data rates pair particularly well with LoRaWAN solutions due to their low bandwidth.

Cost-effective: LoRaWAN has lower connectivity costs than other wide-area networks. Free frequency operation: LoRaWAN uses unlicensed frequency bands.

Convenience: LoRaWAN technology is wireless and can be set up quickly and easily.

Why Choose Radio Bridge for LoRaWAN Solutions?

At Radio Bridge, we always strive for the best in high-quality products and customer service.
We specialize in creating long-range IoT sensors and LoRaWAN solutions that excel in cost-efficiency, battery life, and performance. If your company is looking for tailor-made solutions to serve individualized needs, we also offer customization services that are cheaper, faster, and more efficient than those from larger companies.
When you come to us for IoT sensor solutions, we'll provide you with the best possible experience.

Purchase IoT Sensor Solutions at Radio Bridge

You can bring productivity, performance, and cost savings to your company with Radio Bridge sensor solutions. As the leading LoRaWAN manufacturer in North America, you can expect nothing less than the highest quality products from us.

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