Most businesses take calculated measures to protect their property from threats like theft and physical damage. However, a significant portion of your inventory and physical assets also need protection from the elements. This means not only keeping them inside, out of the rain and snow, but also guarding against extreme temperature fluctuations that could spell disaster if you aren’t well-prepared. 

Of course, no one is going to store temperature-sensitive materials in an unheated/uncooled warehouse somewhere, at least not on purpose. Most modern industries, businesses, and retailers invest in reliable climate control systems and storage units that keep everything at the right temperature–most of the time. We rely on these systems 24 hours per day, seven days per week for years on end. 

With any system or piece of equipment, however, something is guaranteed to go wrong some day–and often at the worst possible time. Climate control systems are stressed to the max at the most brutal times of year–during crushing heat waves and arctic blasts–and that’s often when they fail. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it takes just two hours at room temperature for raw meat, seafood, and other perishable foods to become inedible and worthless. If the temperature hits 90 degrees, make that one hour.

Wireless Temperature Sensors Are a First Line of Defense for Perishable Items

Never rely on one line of defense when it comes to protecting your inventory and property. Grocery retailers, restaurants, and the food chain operators who supply them can’t just assume that their refrigeration systems will always work properly, when one malfunction can result in thousands of dollars in ruined, unsellable product.

That where wireless sensors come in. Wireless temperature sensors can let you know immediately when the temperature in a critical area is getting warmer or colder than it should, regardless of what your climate control system is reporting. Radio Bridge, a MultiTech brand, offers a variety of products for a wide spectrum of applications, from food sales and supply chain to indoor and outdoor industrial applications. If maintaining the proper temperature is important to your business, Radio Bridge has a sensor for that. Grocery retailers, restaurants, and food product distributors, can all protect their inventories with the wireless external probe temperature sensor. 

The handy external probe on this device lets you monitor the temperature of specific items and specific areas with ease. And you don’t have to rely on your memory to retain those figures, the probe will report the readings wirelessly to your central Radio Bridge dashboard, where they’ll be recorded for later use. All Radio Bridge wireless sensors connect to your dashboard through LoRaWAN®, a wireless protocol like WiFi or Bluetooth, but with a longer range and stronger signal.

Wireless Temperature Sensors Protect Industrial Assets

Food sales and distribution isn’t the only business sector with temperature concerns. Industrial operators also need to monitor the temperature of important–and expensive–equipment. Even assets in hard-to-access positions, like a transformer on a pole, can be monitored continuously for temperature changes with a wireless thermocouple temperature sensor from Radio Bridge. The sensor’s wireless LoRaWAN connection will take regular temperature readings and report back to the central dashboard, so you’ll be aware when temperatures begin ranging outside safe levels. This gives you the early warning you need to take appropriate steps when equipment begins to fail or malfunction.

Because many industries rely on critical equipment and assets operating in indoor and outdoor environments, Radio Bridge thermocouple temperature sensors are shielded for use indoors and outdoors. Their LoRaWAN wireless signals can travel several miles and penetrate walls, floors, and other obstructions to ensure steady, reliable reportage. The unit’s armored housing will even report if it’s been tampered with. One you’ve positioned the wireless thermocouple temperature sensor, you’ll rarely need to touch it. Most configurations and adjustments are performed wirelessly, using your versatile LoRaWAN connection.

Keep Working and Living Spaces Comfortable with Wireless Temperature Sensors

Sometimes monitoring temperature is just a matter of physical comfort. Employees are more productive and tenants are happier when they are not too hot or too cold. Customers rarely linger in retail environments that don’t maintain a nice, cool temperature in the summertime. Of course, you likely have a heating and cooling system that takes care of much of that. If you’re using a smart building network however, you can monitor temperatures in specific problem areas extra closely with a Radio Bridge indoor wireless no probe temperature sensor. These small, unobtrusive units work quietly in any office or residential environment, 

Linking a wireless no probe temperature sensor to your smart building or smart home network  with a LoRaWAN connection gives you the edge when you have a concern about heat or cold in a specific area. Worried about pipes freezing? Your sensor will raise an alert when they get too cold. Do you store items in a climate-controlled outbuilding you don’t visit every day? Install a no probe temperature sensor, and that strong, long-distance LoRaWAN connection will alert you immediately when the heating or cooling system fails–even in the middle of the night.

Wireless Air Temperature and Humidity Sensors Offer Extra Protection

Sometimes it’s not just the heat, it’s the humidity. Many businesses store merchandise or materials that MUST be kept in a low-humidity environment. Once the air gets too moist, deterioration sets in quickly. Radio Bridge wireless air temperature and humidity sensors monitor both temperature and humidity and let you know instantly when the readings aren’t what they should be. If you wait until the air “feels” too moist or until someone notices a reading on a control panel, damage may already be done. A wireless sensor can send you a mobile alert, no matter where you are.

Radio Bridge wireless temperature sensors protect your property and assets from damage due to heat, cold, and humidity. LoRaWAN technology keeps you connected with each sensor, allowing you to check their status, get regular updates, generate reports,and receive alerts when a problem arises. All temperature sensors are available in both indoor models and armored outdoor models. MultiTech offers a full range of wireless sensors to protect your property from environmental threats and intrusion. To see what we have to offer, come check us out.