8 Key Features of LoRa® Technology

LoRa® technology is a great way for businesses to transmit and receive data from various devices in an organized and efficient manner. With multiple functions that enhance their performance, your business can integrate high-quality systems that use less battery power, have more bandwidth and are cost-efficient.

What Is a LoRa Sensor?

A long-range radio (LoRa) sensor is a method of transmitting data

10 Advantages of Sensor-to-Cloud Systems

Sensor-to-cloud systems utilize wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to record, process and store data in the cloud, allowing all users to access data. They're used in many applications to collect and process vital operational data. Uses for sensor-to-cloud systems include:

  • Military enemy tracking,
  • Patient monitoring in health care,
  • Plant health, soil degradation and water scarcity in agriculture,
  • Construction structural monitoring,
  • Traffic management,
  • Building