Wireless and LoRaWAN® Sensors in IoT

The internet of things (IoT) continues to connect our world, making it easy and convenient for us to control and monitor everything from our home appliances and comfort systems to large-scale industrial applications. Today’s factories, warehouses, buildings, transportation, healthcare, power and energy, and urban infrastructure are powered by IoT, and LoRaWAN® sensors make it all possible.  In today’s

Vibration Sensors For Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

There are currently about half a million wind turbines (WTs) in operation worldwide. Recent years have seen a significant surge, representing a 19 percent increase since 2019. Over the next few years, that number is expected to grow by about 50 percent, and most industry insiders agree that’s a fairly conservative estimate.  The reliability of the technology has increased

Security Sensors

Wireless sensors have an almost infinite number of use cases in IoT applications, but security is one area in which they are indispensable. They are an integral component of commercial and industrial security, and they play a vital role in securing spaces such as warehouses, retail stores, shopping malls, factories, and just about any setting that requires 24-hour oversight.  Types

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are a non-contact method of remotely monitoring the distance between a solid object and/or liquids in a container. From an industrial standpoint, they can be used in various ways, such as measuring a container’s fill or the distance to an object with a solid flat surface.

Ultrasonic Sensors: How They Work

Ultrasonic sensors work in a similar way to radar

Vibration Analysis for Condition Monitoring

Every mechanical system or machine has a known vibrational signature. When the machine is operating as it should, there is an acceptable range of variation in frequency, amplitude, and intensity, but beyond that threshold, too much—or too little—vibration could indicate a malfunction or predict that a breakdown is about to occur.  When we can monitor and analyze machine vibration, we

How Temp Sensors Help You Maximize Profits and Reduce Risk

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, maximizing efficiency is critical. From the factory floor to the customer’s door and throughout the supply chain, ensuring your products arrive on time and as expected is essential to customer retention—and profitability.  IoT is a major catalyst in this effort, as it provides ways for the enterprise to monitor everything from machine function to