LoRa wireless sensors provide ultra long range to industry standard gateways.


LoRa is a popular new standard for connecting wireless sensors due to the fact that they can communicate over long distances. The most common way to connect a LoRa sensor is to a nearby LoRa gateway, most often in remote areas that do not have other types of coverage. The advantage of this approach is that you do not have to pay for data plans as you would with cellular devices.

If you buy a LoRa sensor from Radio Bridge, you can connect it to any standard LoRa gateway, many of which are sold by our partners.

You can log into our web based console to monitor your sensors and set up alerts if desired. We make it super easy, just plug and play.



Log into the Radio Bridge console to monitor and configure sensors. Set up alerts via email, SMS text message, or an API into your own server.


Radio Bridge sensors can talk to most industry standard LoRa gateways.


LoRa sensors from Radio Bridge have ultra long range which allows them to talk to gateways miles away.