Wireless Thermocouple Temperature Sensor


  • Wireless versions including LoRaWAN, NBIoT, and Sigfox
  • Very long range up to several miles
  • Excellent wireless penetration through structures such as walls and floors
  • Ultra-Low power consumption with 20,000-200,000+ messages over 5-10 years on a single battery
  • Enclosure tamper detection
  • Wall mount tamper for indoor products
  • Fully integrated internal antenna
  • Automatic error reporting through supervisory messages
  • Over the air configuration


The wireless thermocouple temperature sensor measures temperature using an external K-type thermocouple. Other thermocouples may be used and can be configured via downlink messages. Temperature reporting can be based on thresholds, report-on-change, and periodic messaging. Multiple thermocouple types supported: B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T.


  • Gas turbine exhaust
  • Industrial processes
  • Flame sensor
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Food processing and production
  • Temperature profiling of furnaces

Monitoring Temperature Sensor Activity

Radio Bridge provides a convenient web-based console where you can configure your sensors, monitor activity, set up alerts, and more. If you are buying products that require a data plan, you can buy the plan right on the console. If you are using sensor products that do not require a plan, the console is available for free. Click on the link below to get started.

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Part Numbers

  Wireless Region Rating
RBS306-TEMP-TC-US LoRa North America, South America Outdoor/Industrial
RBS106-TEMP-TC-RCZ2 Sigfox North America, Brazil Outdoor/Industrial

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