Minneapolis, MN – April 23, 2019 – Today Radio Bridge presented a workshop entitled The New Frontier of IoT Wireless Network Providers: Which Network Is Right For You? to a sold-out audience at the IoT Fuse Conference.

The presentation can be downloaded here:

Radio Bridge IoT Fuse 2019.pdf

There are many different types of wireless networks on the “frontier” of IoT, which can still be confusing for any IoT practitioner. The data plan, the reach, reliability and cost per unit of the various “non-traditional,” long range wireless networks can vary considerably. Although cell phone providers have fixed data plans that allow you pay on a per-device basis, long distance and non-traditional wireless networks are not all the same. There are hardware cost and service / infrastructure (payment plan) trade-offs that are important for individuals to understand that are working on the forefront of distributed things.

What we have found at Radio Bridge is that each of these wireless technologies has a fit depending on the situation, so the purpose of this workshop is to understand the various wireless technologies in greater detail so you can determine which is the best fit for your application.

Special thanks to our speakers Mike Fette (primary), John Sheldon, and Steve Kilts.

If you missed the workshop and have questions about the above presentation, please send us a note at info@radiobridge.com.