Minneapolis, Minnesota, US – 31st July 2019 – The IoT sensor designer and manufacturer Radio Bridge Inc. announces the full software integration between its proprietary Device Management Console and the LORIOT LoRaWAN® Network Server.

The Radio Bridge Console provides cloud-based tools for Radio Bridge sensors that include the provisioning, monitoring, and configuration of devices in the field which allow users to easily setup, manage and scale their IoT solutions. The integration of LORIOT network services into the Console application enables automatic provisioning of Radio Bridge sensors to the LORIOT network and allows end customers to purchase network services bundled with hardware sensors. The integration also allows for easy extension of network coverage through third party LoRaWAN® gateways.

The LORIOT Network Server is the middle link between connected objects and IoT applications and makes the communication among them possible as it handles the complexity and security of the network. Further extending the wide range of input and output integrations, it can offer its customers a large degree of flexibility.

We chose to add Loriot to our network services offering and integrate with our web-based console due to their recognized leadership in the industry, expansion efforts in to the US, and due to their established presence in non-US markets. The integration effort has been relatively seamless which speaks to the high quality of the Loriot network and software APIs.” Stated Steve Kilts, CEO at Radio Bridge.

The two companies, with this integration, aim to improve the user experience of their customers by simplifying the provisioning and management of the gateways and end-nodes of their network.  As a result, they will be able to focus on developing IoT solutions that bring value to the market.

“Today we are living in the golden age of IoT. Supporting its wide diffusion means making network setup, configuration and maintenance easier. LoRaWAN technology certainly plays a fundamental role, but it is not enough.  It is vital that ecosystem players operating at different levels of the IoT value stack work together for the sake of simplification. Our collaboration with Radio Bridge is based precisely on this need and it will extend beyond the purely technical aspects.” added Vit Prajzler, LORIOT Co-Founder & CEO/CTO

The integration is already available for the Radio Bridge Device Management Console and LORIOT users.



LORIOT is a global IoT company providing long-range infrastructure for the Internet of Things.

Due to a unique positioning in the LoRa® ecosystem as both software provider and network operator, we are able to provide one of the most powerful and complete solutions in the market. Our core product is a software for scalable, distributed, resilient and secure operation of LoRaWAN® networks and end-to-end applications that dramatically reduces time to market for our clients.

We offer the network infrastructure to set up, operate and maintain a radio network, integrate sensors and communicate with them over a secure and reliable connection.

Already operating in over 130 countries worldwide, LORIOT is one of the leading LoRaWAN® network solution providers.

Our vision is to enable IoT in every corner of the globe, transform production processes and people’s lives for the better.


About Radio Bridge Inc.

Radio Bridge Inc designs and manufactures long-range wireless sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry using emerging wireless standards such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox, and NB-IoT. The portfolio of sensors are all designed for very long range, low cost, and extended battery life applications. Target industries include building security and automation, smart city, medical device, and industrial automation. All products are designed with an open architecture for flexible integration, and an optional web-based console for provisioning, monitoring, and configuration of the sensors in the field. Custom design is also available with the goal of achieving seamless sensor-to-cloud solutions for a variety of applications.



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