SubGig sensors use wireless technology that can penetrate through objects such as walls and floors with ultra low battery consumption.

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There is a basic principle in physics that says lower frequencies will travel through objects such as walls and floors much better than higher frequencies. The SubGig protocol runs at 315MHz which is a far lower frequency than any standard wireless protocol currently available.

In addition to passing through solid objects more effectively, these lower frequencies will also travel around obstructions which makes this a great fit for crowded environments such as factories or parking lots.

You can log into our web based console to monitor your sensors and set up alerts if desired. We make it super easy, just plug and play.



Log into the Radio Bridge console to monitor and configure sensors. Set up alerts via email, SMS text message, or an API into your own server.


Radio Bridge provides BridgeBee modules that plug into most industry standard gateways that enable them to talk to SubGig sensors.


SubGig sensors from Radio Bridge can communicate through walls and floors with minimal battery consumption.