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FPGA Design

FPGA design requires a specialized skill set and requires the designer to think about how the logical functions will map to logical elements and other hardware building blocks. FPGAs by their nature are very flexible devices and thus a designer should understand the various trade-offs with respect to partitioning a design into high speed or highly efficient logical element versus perhaps implementing a function in a soft-core processor. Understanding high speed IO and timing inside the device is critical for a design to run at the desired speed.

Radio Bridge has extensive experience in FPGA design:

  • Expertise with both Altera and Xilinx
  • NIOS soft-core configurable processor
  • High speed pipelined designs
  • High speed I/O

FPGA reference written by one of our founders

This book provides the advanced issues of FPGA design as the underlying theme of the work. In practice, an engineer typically needs to be mentored for several years before these principles are appropriately utilized. The topics that will be discussed in this book are essential to designing FPGA’s beyond moderate complexity. The goal of the book is to present practical design techniques that are otherwise only available through mentorship and real-world experience.