Antenna Design

Antenna design requires experience with not only the relevant physics and mathematical modeling, but also specialized simulation software that allows an engineer to create optimal real-world designs. Many engineers mistakenly believe that they can simply follow a reference design and then later find that their antenna performs very poorly or not at all. Understanding the physical characteristics of the medium or materials that is used, the environment, the enclosure, ground planes, etc all factor into the efficiency of the antenna and subsequent certification of the product. Knowledge of FCC and other certification standards is critical as is the equipment needed to properly tune and test your antenna to entering a certification lab.

Radio Bridge has extensive experience in antenna design:

  • PCB antennas
  • Ceramic chip-down antenna integrations and tuning
  • Multi-band antennas
  • Folded metal and stamped metal antennas
  • Sub-GHz experience in the 300MHz – 900MHz bands
  • 2.4GHz ISM bands