RBS2002-S Proximity Sensor

NOTE: This sensor is not yet in production but coming soon!

Low Cost 315MHz Wireless Proximity Sensor

  • High RF penetration through walls and structures
  • Very long range: 2,000+ feet
  • No interference with other devices in crowded ISM bands running at 2.4GHz
  • AES encrypted communication
  • Ideal for applications such as door/window sensors
  • 5-10 years on a coin cell battery
  • Simple star topology with no mesh networking required
  • Integrated internal antenna
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The RBS2002 is a ready to use magnetic proximity sensor that communicates open/close information (presence of a magnet) over the 315MHz SubGig protocol. This can be used as a door/window sensor in security applications or for a number of industrial sensing applications. The SubGig protocol has a number of advantages over other sensors on the market including incredible range and penetration through walls and other structures. These SubGig sensors achieve this by running at 315MHz which (through basic laws of physics) will have range and wall penetration that is superior to any ISM band device running at 2.4GHz or even 900MHz. The protocol that these sensors use has been specifically designed by Radio Bridge to allow for FCC compliance and certification within this band.

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Radio Bridge RBS2002 User Guide PDF Download

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