RBG1003 Particle Bridge Gateway

Low Cost Gateway for Easy Cloud Connectivity

  • Supports the cellular Electron module from Particle.io
  • Communicates with up to three BridgeBee™ modules simultaneously for wireless monitoring and control
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The Radio Bridge Particle gateways provide an easy path to connect wireless sensors and devices to the cloud. The Particle Electron cellular modules connect to the Particle.io middleware which provide seamless path to the cloud. The Particle.io middleware provides security and scalability under the hood without ever worrying about it in your application. The three BridgeBee™ sockets allow up to three wireless interfaces in a local environment.

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Radio Bridge provides end to end IoT solutions including supporting documentation, app notes, configuration utilities, and sample software to accelerate your development. See below for more resources supporting the Particle Gateway product.

Particle Gateway RBG1003 User Guide PDF Download
Particle Gateway RBG1003 Code Example Software Download

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Product Support

Radio Bridge has a user forum to connect developers to the factory as well as other users. Contact us to for quotes on premium support packages and custom design services.