High Security Door/Window Sensor

  • Very long range of up to several miles
  • Excellent wireless penetration through structures such as walls and floors
  • Ultra-Low power consumption with 20,000+ messages over 5-10 years on a single battery
  • No interference with other devices in the 2.4GHz ISM band
  • Two types of tamper detection: enclosure tamper and wall mount tamper
  • Fully integrated internal antenna
  • Automatic error reporting through supervisory messages
  • Over the air configuration
How to Buy


The high security door/window sensor uses a magnet to detect open/close events for doors, windows, or other applications that use a magnet to detect close proximity. This product differs from the standard door/window sensor in that the magnet must be applied with a particular orientation which makes defeating the sensor more difficult by intruders. When an open or close event is detected, an alert is sent to the wireless network.


  • Secure detection of door open and close events
  • Secure detection of window open and close events
  • Secure storage for cabinets, lock boxes, etc
  • General proximity sensor using a magnet

Monitoring Sensor Activity

Radio Bridge provides a convenient web-based console where you can configure your sensors, monitor activity, set up alerts, and more. If you are buying products that require a data plan such as Sigfox sensors, you can buy the plan right on the console. If you are using sensor products that do not require a plan, the console is available for free. Click on the link below to get started.  

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Radio Bridge provides end to end IoT solutions including supporting documentation, app notes, configuration utilities, and sample software where appropriate to get you up and running quickly.

RBS101-DWS-HS Sigfox High Security Door/Window Sensor Product Brief PDF Download
RBS101-DWS-HS Sigfox High Security Door/Window Sensor User Guide PDF Download
Sigfox Sensor Common Messages PDF Download

Part Numbers

Part Number Wireless Standard Region
RBS101-DWS-HS Sigfox North America
RBS201-DWS-HS (Coming soon) SubGig North America
RBS301-DWS-HS (Coming soon) LoRa North America

Product Support

Click on the link below to ask questions. The forum will connect you with engineers from the Radio Bridge factory as well as other users.