Medical Devices

Radio Bridge Products And Services For Medical Devices

Depend On Radio Bridge To Make Medical Device Connectivity Cheaper, More Reliable, And More Secure

Reduce Cost

Cheaper components and reduced cloud management fees

Lower Power

Ultra-low power wireless sensors increases battery life and reduces maintenance hassle

Ease of Use

All home security products are designed with ease of use in mind


Ensure the proper level of security and encryption from the sensor to the cloud

The medical device industry is undergoing major changes with new developments in IoT. The sensors are lower power with extended range, gateways are providing faster connectivity to the cloud, phone apps are replacing buttons, and so on.

Radio Bridge brings extensive experience along with targeted products and services to help you design your medical device applications from the ground up or interface to existing systems.


The sensors and actuators are the endpoints on your IoT system. They collect data, switch other devices on and off, and interact with the real world in any number of ways.


The gateway connects the sensors and actuators from the local environment to the Internet. These often have wireless receivers to speak to sensors and often contain WiFi, wired Ethernet, or cellular interfaces to bridge to the Internet.


The middleware component is a cloud-based server system that manages all devices connected to the Internet. The primary considerations for middleware are security (encryption), scalability, provisioning, etc.

Web/Mobile Apps

The web apps and mobile apps are where the end user interacts with the system and ultimately reads sensor data and provides control to the devices on the other end.