About Radio Bridge

Wireless sensors and gateways for IoT


Radio Bridge Inc designs wireless sensors and gateways for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. We have a portfolio of products and IP in the Sub-GHz space that allow for longer range and longer battery life targeted toward the home security, home automation, medical device, and industrial control industries. We also provide design services and regularly create custom IoT products for our clients.

Radio Bridge was founded by industry veterans with decades of design and product experience. The principal engineers at Radio Bridge have been designing IoT products before the term “IoT” was coined.


Security is one of the biggest design considerations in IoT today. Tradeoffs between levels of security and encryption vs price and time-to-market can be complex to evaluate and implement. The principal engineers at Radio Bridge have experience with security protocols from government and military applications all the way down to basic home security systems. This allows us to make the right trade offs when creating secure systems all the way from the sensor up to the cloud.